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Listed below are some of the projects with which Alpha-Science was involved: 

IFF Testing and Simulation System Helped design and support the RF section of a 1030/1090 MHz system that automatically tested IFF interrogators and transponders. This system is widely fielded by the US Navy. 

Radar Altimeter Redesigned a high-linearity C-band VCO for use in the USAF standard radar altimeter. This VCO is currently in production. 

Radar Amplifier Designed a 400 MHz, 300 Watt, 50% duty cycle amplifier for use in radar systems. 

Feed-Forward Amplifier Designed at 500 MHz feed-forward amplifier for use with CATV systems. 

Wide Band Power Amplifier Module Designed a 30 MHz 1 GHz, 2-watt wide band amplifier module. 

RF Power Transistors Assisted with the development of RF power transistors.

Microwave Assembly Line Set up a microwave assembly line. 

Ku-Band Power Amplifier Designed, fabricated and tested a 20 GHz, 20 watt amplifier for space applications. 

High-Speed Modulator Developed a high-speed modulator with a 60 volt swing and a 2 nS transition time. 

800W L-Band DME Amplifier Developed a solid-state 800 watt L-band amplifier for use with airborne Distance Measuring Equipment (DME). This item is currently in production. 

500 Watt L-Band High Duty Cycle Amplifier Developed an efficient high-power solid-state L-band amplifier capable of operation with a 50% duty cycle. 

30 MHz 1 KW Amplifier Developed this HF amplifier for use on shortwave radio stations. 

X-Band Power Amplifier Developed an X-band 10-watt amplifier.